The Fleecing

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6 Dates Through Feb 17, 2018

O lamentations and wonders!

The Bumblefish, illustrious leader of the Order of Mammon, has died.


For the third time in as many years. 

Unprecendented times, we're living in.


It is a dangerous job, straddling the divide which brackets the physical and metaphysical worlds and holds them together. But more than ever, the Devotees hunger to immortalize themselves in Bumbledum. 

Mourning. Purification. Ecstasy. 

The Devotees need YOU to test them. They need YOU to choose the most worthy and powerful to be the next Bumblefish.

And when the time is right, the Order needs your soul-energy at the Arcane Gilletorium, to open the pathway to the in-between, to transport that winner to the realm that Bumbles with life and death and money.


An audience immersive, interactive performance event inside a historic mansion in Germantown, featuring some of the region's best performers, as they push themselves to a fever pitch to win your solemn vote.